Press release 20/05/1998 00:00 CET

Kvaerner Cementation Foundations (KCF) is further expanding its already extensive piling operations with the addition of the first Italian Soilmec Cased Secant Piling (CSP) equipment in the UK.

The proven CSP attachment, mounted on one of Cementation’s versatile, multi-purpose Soilmec R-622 all hydraulic self erecting piling rigs, underwent commissioning trials at the company’s extensive Doncaster workshops last week prior to the equipment’s first secant pile wall contract in June.

The CSP uses an integral double rotary head system independently driving a reusable casing and a flight auger to accurately install cased secant piles in a single, smooth continuous operation.

The novel self contained CSP equipment can install up to 1m diameter, 21m long secant piles cased to 16m to produce a better and more consistent sealed wall than conventional secant piling methods. The CSP system also gives improved vertical tolerances and considerable production advantages over traditional secant pile installation, which often require a separate crane and oscillator to handle and install casing.

Fitting the CSP system onto the 60t crawler based Soilmec R-622, currently the most powerful and technically advanced self erecting piling rig in the UK, further reinforces Cementation’s commitment to stay at the forefront of foundations engineering technology and provide clients with the most modern and productive foundations equipment available. The impressive Soilmec rig with CSP attachment can be ready for work within a few hours of arriving on site on a low loader.

Secant pile walling involves installing alternate female or primary piles followed by interlocking male piles in the remaining narrow gaps between the female piles to form a load bearing wall.

Cementation’s CSP system achieves this by mounting two separate high torque counter rotating rotary heads, one above the other on the R-622’s vertical mast. The lower rotary head, which develops 15 tonne metre of torque, drives a temporary casing equipped with a specially designed cutting shoe in a counter clockwise direction to cut the concrete away from the female piles during male pile installation. Simultaneously the upper rotary head, producing 18 tonne metre of torque, drives a continuous flight auger which passes through the lower rotary head and down to the base of the casing. The auger rotates clockwise and lifts soil or cut concrete from inside of the casing for subsequent removal by an auger cleaner mounted on the lower rotary head. Pile lengths can be extended by continuing to auger past the casing toe if required.

After the auger has reached the required depth it is slowly withdrawn from the hole along with the casing while concrete is simultaneously pumped in down the auger’s hollow stem to form the pile. Reinforcement cages can then be placed using conventional techniques.


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